Laxmi Homeo Clinic is one of the popular homeopathic clinic in Madurai which have successfully treated many complex cases. Patient can discuss about their complaints quickly irrespective of time and place and can avail timely advice then and there and can get homoeopathy medicines. The doctor listens carefully to what the patient has to say, understands the problems, takes proper case history then prescribes medicine. Being methodical in their process has gained them a lot of trust among the patients.


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Hair Fall Treatment, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Scaly Skin, Eczema Treatment, Pigmentation, Skin Allergy, Recurrent Cold And Cough, Wheezing, Breathing Problems

  1. Dandruff 2. Pimples / Acne 3. Hairfall 4. Kidney Stones
  2. Urinary Tract Infection 6. Lipoma 7. Taste Disorders 8. Voice Disorders
  3. Birth Marks 10. Burns 11. corns 12. Cracked Heels 13. Dry Skin
  4. Allergic Skin 15. Mind Disorders 16.Eczema
    17.Itching 18.Keloid 19.Leucoderma / Vitiligo
    20.Psoriasis 21.Warts 22.Allergy and Asthma
    23.Alzheimer’s disease 24.Bad Effects of Cry
    25.Amnesia and Dementia 26.Mental Health
    27.Anxiety 28.Nose Bleed / Epistaxis 29.Bell’s Palsy
    30.Brachial Neuralgia 31.Brain Disorders
    32.Febrile Fits 33.Ganglion 34.Marvel Brain and Dysfunction
    35.Paralysis 36.Leg Pain 37.Seizure
    38.Nervous System 38.Tremor 39.Pain in Face
    40.Ingrowing Nail 41.Fungal Infection of Nails
    42.Salivary Calculus 43.Bad Breathe 44.Drooling
    45.Gingivitis 46.Mouth Ulcers 47.Sensitive Teeth
    48.Impotency 49.Prostrate Gland Enlargement
    50.Sperm and Spermatorrhea 51.Mumps 52.Sinusitis
    53.Female Infertility / PCOD 54.Painful Mensus
    55.White Discharge 56.Dry Eyes 57.Tears 58.Pimple on Eyelids
    59.Tinnitus 60.Amoebiasis 60.Anal Abscess and Fistula
    61.Anal Complaints 62.Appendicitis 63.Constipation
    64.Diarrhoea 65.Fissure in Ano 66.Galstones 67.Heart Burn
    68.Hiatus Hernia 69.Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    70.Peptic Ulcer 71.Piles 72.Diabetes 73.Discolouration of Tongue
    74.Flicker of Words 75.Rheumatic Fever
    76.Exam Fear 77.Growing Pain in Children 78.Bedwetting
    79.Adenoids 80.Tonsils 81.Grow Tall 82.Exostosis
    83.Exostosis 84.Heel Care 85.Pain in Neck 86.Hypertension
    87.Varicose Veins 88.Sweat and Odour 89.Smoking
    90.Sleeplessness 91.Muscle pain 92.Hernia 93.Cholestrol
    94.Appetite 95.Anaemia