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 About Dr S. Chidambaranathan BHMS, MD (HOMEO)

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Over 25 years Dr S. Chidambaranathan earned the best credits of thousands of patients in Tamilnadu, India,and across the world with great degree of proven results in various health fields. As a best health service provider,Laxmi Homeo Clinic possess a remarkable landmark or space for homeopathy treatment in Madurai,Tamilnadu,India and across the world.

Best treatment for all our ailment is in the hands of doctor likewise drcheena served the human society over 30 years. Drcheena is one among the best homeopathy doctors in madurai. Madurai is the well cultural and heritagable city which encompass all the needs of people in short geographic area. Laxmi homeo clinic is the hospital located in the heart of madurai city.It  is ease for all to reach hospital very soon.

We can believe that health is really the greatest wealth when consult drcheena and getting his hollistic homeopathic treatment. Drcheena is the best experienced doctor can give the actual essence of homeopathic treatment in madurai. Beyond the treatment drcheena’s kindness in laxmihomeo clinic in madurai won’t let you suffer with your illness. Always his treatment is pledged to maintain and restore your health.

Basic motto of laxmi homeo clinic in madurai is to provide a healthy life for you. drcheena is the most compassionate person to give the treatment based on the real science of homeopathy. He is not only well known but also he is a well practitioner for more than thousands of thousands of patients. You know one thing, in Madurai there are plenty of old hospitals well known for their services. Drcheena at Laxmi homeo clinic is also the most oldest homeopathy hospital in madurai. If you want to reach the clinic then the St Marys cathedral church is the highest landmark near the clinic.

Drcheena in laxmi homeo clinic madurai is specialized to treat all kinds of diseases. He is an expert in handling of long term diseases. He gained more and more patients not only in madurai but also around tamilnadu and India. The specialized care can be given in the following field like

Head – Sinusitis / Migraines / Tension Headaches

Joints – Cervical Spondylitis / Lumbar spondylitis / Frozen Shoulder / Heel pain / Rheumatic Fever / Rheumatoid Arthritis / Sero negative Arthritis / Osteo Arthritis

Chest – Asthma and Allergies

Digestive Tract – Anal Piles / Anal Fissure / Anal Fistula / Irritable Bowel syndrome / Peptic ulcer

Stones – Kidney stones / Gall stones / Salivary gland stones

Skin – Acne / Eczema / Warts / Palmar psoriasis / Leucoderma / Keloid / Lichen planus

Ulcers – Varicose vein and ulcers / Gangrene / Diabetic ulcers

ENT – Tinnitus / CSOM / Adenoids / Nose bleed / Tonsils / Vocal nodule

Tumours – Lipoma / Exostosis / Bone Tumours

Female – Pcod / Fallopian Tubal block / Infertility / Leucorrhoea

Male – Spermatorrhoea / Impotency / Oligospermia / Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy

Growth disorders / Growing pain

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Optimism is the basic nature of drcheena so that he is the best homeopathy doctor in madurai. He is the one of best homeopath, Homeopathy consultant in madurai to treat various diseases like

1. Dandruff 

2. Pimples / Acne

3. Tierdness

4. Hairfall

5. Mode of Taking Homeopathy Medicines

6. Facts about Urine

7. Kidney Stones

8. Urinary Tract Infection

9. Lipoma

10. Taste Disorders

11. Voice Disorders

12. Vocal Nodes and Speech

13. Voice and Speech

14. Birth Marks

15. Burns

16. corns

17. Cracked Heels

18. Dry Skin

19. Allergic Skin

20. Mind Disorders in Elderly Patients




24.Leucoderma / Vitiligo

25.Prickly Heat



28.Allergy and Asthma 

29.Wheezing and Asthma

30.Wheezing and Asthma




34.Alzheimer’s disease

35.Bad Effects of Cry

36.Amnesia and Dementia

37.Mental Health


39.Nose Bleed / Epistaxis

40.Bell’s Palsy

41.Brachial Neuralgia

42.Brain Disorders

43.Febrile Fits


45.Marvel Brain and Dysfunction


47.Leg Pain


49.Nervous System


51.Pain in Face

52.Ingrowing Nail

53.Fungal Infection of Nails

54.Nail Bed Infection

55.Salivary Calculus

56.Bad Breathe


58.Dry Mouth


60.Mouth Ulcers

61.Sensitive Teeth


64.Prostrate Gland Enlargement

65.Sperm and Spermatorrhea



68.Female Infertility / PCOD

69.Painful Mensus

70.White Discharge

71.Dry Eyes


73.Pimple on Eyelids 



76.Anal Abscess and Fistula

77.Anal Complaints 




81.Fissure in Ano 


83.Heart Burn 

84.Hiatus Hernia 

85.Irritable Bowel Syndrome 

86.Peptic Ulcer 



89.Discolouration of Tongue 

90.Flicker of Words 

91.Rheumatic Fever 

92.Exam Fear 

93.Growing Pain in Children




96.Grow Tall 

97.Mind The Boss (Emotions/Sex) 


99.Common Cold 




103.Heel Care 

105.Pain in Neck

106.Pain in Neck 


108.Varicose Veins 

109.Treating Fever 

110.Sweat and Odour











Some characteristics of drcheena

Among all homeopathy doctors in madurai he is also very kind to listen to all your health issues life is the most precious thing in this entire world so getting treatment here is the best. Drcheena at madurai his treatment itself is the greatest care.Here believe that comforting words are sometimes more helpful than good medicine.

Medicine can treat diseases but doctors can treat a patient likewise drcheena is the right person to treat patients.Good health can become the source of true happiness for each and everyone.Life can be enjoyed to its fullest if we have a healthy body and healthy mind.Treatment can be considered as a true service for the benefits of humankind.

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