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Why Homeopathy

Homeopathy treats Patient on the whole and not in parts – Holistic Approach

  • Absolutely safe without any side effects.
  • Abolishes drug dependence.
  • Homeopathy Boosts immunity.
  • Curbs tendencies thereby preventing recurrences of most diseases.
  • One feels great comfort on taking homeopathy medicines.
  • Homeopathy treats the root cause of the ailment and not just the symptoms.

Why Homeopathy is the Best Choice

  • Absolutely safe without any side effects
  • No need to depend on medicines for life time – Non Addictive
  • Boost immunity, Abort tendencies and thus prevents Recurrences
  • One can feel the comfort and well-being sensation with Complete and Permanent restoration of Health
  • Homeopathy treats Patient on the whole and not in parts – Holistic and Wholistic
  • Homeopathy treats the root cause and not just the symptoms
  • Homeopathy can be used as a complimentary medicine with existing treatment – For example, along with life time BP / Diabetic / Cardiac drugs, one can avail treatment for new complaint or complication of existing diseases, for example – Giddiness, Palpitations, Diabetic neuropathy, Restlessness

In unavoidable circumstances of using chemotherapy, radiation therapy and steroids, Homeopathy can help to abort / reduce the side effects.