Why Homeopathy?

Absolutely safe without any side effects.No need to depend on medicines for life time – Non Addictive.Boosts immunity, Aborts tendencies and thus prevents Recurrences.

One feels comfortable on taking homeopathy medicines.Homeopathy treats Patient on the whole and not in parts – Holistic Approach

*Homeopathy treats the root cause and not just the symptoms
*Homeopathy can be used as a complimentary medicine with existing treatment – For example, along with life time BP / Diabetic / Cardiac drugs, one can avail treatment for new complaint or complication of existing diseases, for example – Giddiness, Palpitations, Diabetic neuropathy, Restlessness
*In unavoidable circumstances of using chemotherapy, radiation therapy and steroids, Homeopathy can help to abort / reduce the side effects.

Who all can get benefit from Homeopathy
If you are not comfortable with existing treatment and you are looking for Personalized medicine, You should try Homeopathy
If Your reports seems to be normal, but still you are tired and suffering recurrently, you can be benefited from Homeopathy
If you are going to depend on medicines for life time, it is better to try Homeopathy first – for example thyroid dysfunction, Diabetes etc.
If you are adviced for surgery for following complaints – Tonsilitis, Adenoids, Nasal polyps, CSOM, Sinusitis, Deviated Nasal Septum, Appendicitis, Gall stones, Hiatus Hernia, Renal Stones, Salivary gland stones, Anal Piles, Anal fissure, Anal fistula, Fibroid uterus, Fibroadenoma breast, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, Gangrene, Vocal nodules, warts, exostosis, Varicose vein, lipoma, etc, You can opt for Homeopathy and can avoid surgery very well.
Further some scenarios like this

If you have taken medicines for headache and now you are suffering with acidity and stomach pain because of medicines.
If you have taken antibiotic course and anti pyretic medicines for fever & cold and now suffering with body pain and dry cough
If you have taken cough syrup, after that you feel no cough but chest congestion is more with breathing difficulty.
If you have taken medicines for knee pain and now you feel soreness in mouth and tongue with stomach pain
If you have taken medicines for allergic skin disorder and now you are suffering with dullness and sleepiness / could not concentrate in work.

If you are using ointment for pimples / Dry skin and could not stop them – stopping medicines bring rebound of skin infection – just treating externally will not cure the case, but suppress the disease which will later emerge more virulently.
If you have taken treatment for anal piles since then stool are watery and If you feel very weak.
If you have taken treatment for diarrhea since then suffering with constipation
If you have found thyroid dysfunction and you need to take lifelong treatment.
In spite of well controlled BP and sugar, if you are getting side effects or complications
If you have got operated for gall stones, and since then your digestion is not normal.
If you have been operated for renal stones and recurrence is present. Removal of stone will not cure, but Homeopathy can remove the tendency of stone formation.
If you are suffering with Cervical Spondylitis / Lumbar spondylitis / Frozen Shoulder / Heel pain continuously irrespective of medicines and physiotherapy.
If you have a lump in breast (benign) or fibroid in uterus and Dr adviced to remove it
If your periods are regular only with cyclic pills.
If you have taken treatment for Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy and since then suffering with Erectile dysfunction
If you have taken treatment for Hair fall and since then suffering with Erectile dysfunction
For lot of diseases where cure cannot be promised – autoimmune disorders, psoriasis, cancer, etc
To combat side effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and steroids